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  • oh god i need to go to bed
    the sound of my nail dragging on my track pad just scared the living shit outta me

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    it’s almost time



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    Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

    The constant wobbling as they move is a part of their disguise, making it seem as though the “leaf” is only moving because of a light breeze.

    If you blow on one it will also shake around in the hopes of matching any actual surrounding leaves

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    My stomach growled super loud in French omg

    I would like to clarify my stomach did not speak French. It growled in French class I apologize


    le growl

    hon hon hon feed me a baguette

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    As some of you know, I have not been doing very well the last couple months. Because of that, my number of actual art posts have dwindled and my personal posts have skyrocketed, and at times I haven’t posted anything at all. And yet, except for a few exceptions, you guys have stayed with me on this blog and have sent tons and tons of support and love my way and I just can not thank you all enough! I wish I could send something to every single one of you but this is the best I can do!

    This for all my followers, as well as future followers, who have and hopefully will continue to bare with me and all my malfunctions and annoyances!


    • You must be following me because this is a thank you to my followers and future followers!!!
    • Both likes and reblogs count!
    • Please reblog only once as not to annoy your followers.
    • You must have your ask box open so that I will be able to contact you if you win and you must be comfortable giving me your address so I can send you your stuff!

    Grand prize winner will receive:

    • An 8 ft. long 4th doctor scarf
    • A John Watson styled sweater (It has been loved by me for a couple years so it is a little worn. Don’t be alarmed.)
    • A deerstalker hat
    • A 11th Doctor fez
    • A pair of Bee socks from my store
    • Sherlock Season 1 on DVD
    • Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hounds of the Baskervilles book
    • 8 Sherlock fanartist stickers (with a couple Sock Drawer stickers thrown in there.)
    • A poster of a map of Middle Earth with Gandalf on the reverse side
    • A Doctor Who poster
    • A Portrait of Ben C drawn by me!
    • A copy of ENtertainment weekly with an Article on Doctor Who in it
    • + a little note and doodle from me

    5 runner up winners will receive:

    • 2 pairs of socks picked out by me from my store
    • A bunch of Sock Drawer stickers from my store
    • + a little note and doodle from me
    • (also if I see you are following my stores tumblr, the-sockdrawer, you will get an extra little something!)

    The give away ends in exactly 3 weeks, on Friday September 19th.


    Also a thank you to ma bb krfr (ohg-d) for helping me model some of the stuff.

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    Moving out of the apartment

    This is, without a doubt, the saddest photo I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE.

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    then & now

    what type of ethereal beauty!?

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    Bard looked more like Orlando Bloom than Orlando Bloom looked like Orlando Bloom


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  • ex0skeletal:

    Fun shark attack facts:

    • In 1996, toilets injured 43,000 Americans a year. Sharks injured 13.
    • In 1996, 2,600 Americans were injured by room fresheners. Sharks injured 13.
    • In 1996, buckets and pails injured almost 11,000 Americans. Sharks injured 13.
    • For every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks.


    1. Humans are assholes.
    2. Sharks are not assholes.
    3. Apparently everyone in 1996 lived in a real-life infomercial.

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    you ever look at a kink and think “nah” then a few years later look at the same kink and go “actually yes”

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